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  Solar Powered High Intensity Type "B" Lights                      

    solar barricade light type b, solar type b lights, solar barricade lights     fully solar type b barricade light     d cell barricade light

      Solar-Assist Type B Barricade Light                  Fully Solar Type B                                           D Cell and 6 Volt Type B

                 Starting at $88.95                                  Starting at $84.95                                   Starting at $64.95

                  MODEL 212-3S    Click on image for new site with online ordering and more pricing.  Minimum Order: 5 lights

Description Below for Solar-Assist Barricade Light.  Click on product image to go to our new site, where you can order and see more info.

Solar panel trickle charges D-Cell Alkaline batteries to give a superior long lasting more reliable power source Operates on D-Cell Alkaline Batteries No need to replace expensive rechargeable batteries like other solar lights Tested to MUTCD and I.T.E. standards by an approved certified laboratory Polycarbonate lenses and High Impact Polypropylene housing

What is the point in the 'Solar Assist'? Why not just go completely solar? Empco decided it was important to have batteries as a back up mainly because there are times and environments where there isn't sufficient sunlight so that the solar panel can't charge up enough to last as long as the user needs.

Comes Complete with ALL Hardware Needed!
Minimum order: 5 lights

                                                        Prices Flexible Depending on Quantity

                                               (Pricing below for Solar-Assist Barricade Light Only) 

5-19 20-50 51-100 101-200 201-300 301+
$88.95 $86.95 $85.95 $84.95 $83.95 Please call








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